Rome Nightlife Guide 2020 – Explore Best Bars in Rome for Wine and Cocktails

Rome Nightlife Guide 2020, Explore Best Bars in Rome

Rome is the most famous place for enjoying nightlife with your loved ones. This place is known for its amazing historical sites, things to do in Rome and bars for tourists. You all know how much Romans are passionate about the nightlife. There are many different and amazing bars in Rome that will help in making your day full of happiness and also increase increasing intensity. The people of Rome always take late dinner. Usually, they love to do a late-night party and starts their party after 9 pm. In each and every week you will find locals hanging somewhere outside the bar. If you want to choose the best time to enter in bars and restaurants so always choose to go on Friday and Saturday. Tourists can take help from here in searching for nightlife and the best wine bars in Rome.


If you are a party animal and love to see than sharivari is the best place for nightlife. You will not get disturbed because it’s a private club much dynamic than a wine bar. People of that club also host amazing themed nights party. There nearby a place called piazza Novena were people go for dancing on hip hop and retro tunes. You can go there on Christmas but you have to book tickets earlier on this festival the demand for tickets is very high. Entry fee for this retro is 75 euro with full package. In this retro, you will get many world-famous drinks and cocktails like caipiroska, Bellini, Mimosa, Rossini, Lemon and tonic, Gin lemon and Gin tonic these all are personally prepared by their bartenders full of taste.

Ai Tre Scalini

This is known as the best wine bars in Italy. There you are going to find many varieties of wine, beers until 1 am. This is the most ancient of Rome many tourists come here to see the interior beauty of this bar. Many of them come to eat the local special food that includes lasagna ai fungi and ricotta di Bufala it will become tastier after adding honey. Nearby you can go to Piazzetta and enjoy with friends. Ai Tre Scalini is the best roof bars Rome Italy.

Any given Monday 

This is the most famous event of Erasmus people and students. Various clubs combine together to host this event. For participating in this event people from different state travel Rome. The entry fee for this event is not too high for only 5 euro each. In this event, you will be served a fine drink and studio type music.

Italian Style

Many tourists love Italian style for them this the right night out where they can enjoy a lot and also get the opportunity to learn ancient Italian dancing culture. In Rome, this is known as one of the funniest events of its type. Now this has become the traditional culture of Rome.

Voodoo Bar

Image result for voodoo bar rome"

From some years Voodoo bar has become very famous in Rome. This has become a favourite place for many tourists love to visit this place from different. This is located just near the gate of Monti on Colle opinion. This bar has been made on the theme of a park where different types of trees are planted. For the entertainment of tourists the put live performances, a

craft expo, Caribbean bar, healing area, you can also take a taste of street food in rome. In this restaurant, there is an exotic space where you can relax, chill and make your summer night memorable with your friends.

Live Alcazar

This is the new concept that has been recently launched in the heart of Trastevere. Here you will get entertained by live music, Dj sets and many more makes your night special. There they will also organise concerts where famous international and Italian singers have been called to make the night more interesting. During this event, you can also have some cocktails – from classic to mixology and dance floor had been full of performances. Many tourists have also been reviewing these best wine bars in Rome.

II Goccetto

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 Many of the bars of Rome Goccetto is the best rooftop bars in Rome Italy. Goccetto bars have become big attractions for the tourist due to its lavish interior in which ceilings have been painted with wooden, and a Sephardic medieval chandelier has been hanged at the top. The bar has been opened by two people Anna and Sergio in the age of 20. They serve the best wine and cocktails which are prepared by their best bartenders.

Salotto 42

This bar has been referred for celebrating any functions in a proper dress. There you can have unique roman period cocktail. Tourists are coming here from 15 years to this bar in search of best cocktails to feel a homey atmosphere and fashionable crowd. Salotto bar has been awarded by the world’s best bars. It has been seen that daily most number of tourists gather here every hour a day. People of Rome come here in the morning to enjoy a cup of tea and coffee. They have decorated the whole bar with chunky design, art or different types of book held by people from different countries.

Stravinskij Bar

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Many of you don’t know but this is a fact that Stravinskij bar is a multi-faceted oasis which is situated in the heart of Rome. Tourists can also enjoy his drink while sitting on the terrace garden and take a look of cultural heritage. Many people have no idea that this garden has been used earlier for historic vineyard of Villa Borghese.

Open Baladin

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 Tourists who love to drink beer this place is the best place for them. Open paladin bar is known for selling the best beer in the whole of Rome. There you can find a big variety of beer and before buying a beer of your own choice you can also make a taste of each and every beer. With a pint of beer, you will also be offered hamburgers hotdogs and also a good quality beef with homemade ketchup. There you can also get a good collection of international beers with tasty snacks. They have made a record of selling 100 bottled beers from excellent Italian brewers.


These are the bars best night places to enjoy Rome. This place is also safe for tourists. So hurry up and make a plan to travel to Rome for enjoyment with your family members. If you are having any type of query go through this and you will get your answer.

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