12 Best Airplane Movies Ever!

Most people love airplane movies, as they add more spices, thrills, and adventure to their entertainment. Where, Producers use them to take scenes of crashing, bombings, and hijackings that increase fear, and tension of watchers. Many blockbuster movies have been made on airplanes such as frantic mothers, psycho killers, a plane full of snakes,  etc. Where some of them are based on real-life accidents and some of them are fictional.

List of Best Airplane Movies

Airport (1970)

This movie is a melodramatic disaster movie that shows the modern trouble description. Its main scenes are shooted at Lincoln International Airport in Chicago. In this movie, when a plane is about to land at the airport then a suicide bomber terrorizes to blow up the plane. The movie “Airport” is based on the 1968’s book “Airport 1975, Airport ’77, and The Concorde…Airport ’79”.


Airplane! Is full of double-trouble where all things go wrong. A meal service discovered that one of the dishes is sicking all passengers including the pilot. After that, a flight attendant and an expert are forced to land the plane somewhere.

Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (1987)

This movie is based on the journey of the two passengers. They meet on the Flight(New York to Chicago), sitting next to each other. But fortunately due to the storm the plane turned to Witchita. After that, they both take various transports to reach Chicago.  The producer of this movie shows all possible views of the airplane.

Con Air (1997)

Con Air was the best airplane movie ever of the 90s cause it includes fighting, explosions, old fashion, and dramatic ’90s action.  In this movie, a jail charter plucks up a group of prisoners on the plane. Then the prisoners hijack the plane to get free. 

Air Force One (1997)

This movie shows the time when Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists.  The movie is one of the biggest airplane movies of the 90s that bringing more than 315 million dollars. In this, it is all up to one president to make hijackers pay. So the president uses his past military training to teach lessons to the hijackers that they messed with the wrong person.

Catch Me If You Can(2002)

Oh, this is the special one cause this movie has Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. It shows the real-life FBI fraudster’s unexpected friendship with a bank forger. And, The film is full of vintage with 1960s flight details that will make you a true fan of it.

Flightplan (2005)

This film offers high tension and suspense. Cause, during a long-distance flight, a mother finds that her daughter is missing. The movie is set on an “Elgin 474” double-decker jet that is the Airbus A380. In the movie, a mother finds her daughter and solves out why she was kidnapped. 

Red Eye (2005)

Red Eye is well-known for being a whole remodeling of an airplane disaster movie. It involves no hijackings, bombs, and crashes. This movie has Rachel McAdams as Lisa, what else other you want. In a part, a man comes and sits next to Lisa and tells her that he needs her help in a terrorist movement. if she refused or says no to him, then her father will be killed.

Snakes On A Plane (2006)

The snakes on the plane movie’s title said all the story, that a plane attacked by snakes, right. The film focuses on a trans-oceanic flight on South Pacific Airlines, where containers of deadly snakes are released to kill everyone. 

Flight (2012)

The flight movie(oscar-nominated) is based on the crash of Alaska Airlines flight 261. It was crashed due to mechanical failure which let the plane completely rotate upside down. Somehow pilots keep it managed by flying for a short time. But unfortunately, the plane smashed off at the coast of LA and there was no single lived life.

Sully (2016)

Sully is the exact description of the “miracle on the Hudson”.  Sullenberger the pilot of the US Aircraft A320 loaded with 155 passengers take an emergency landing on the Hudson River. He fantastically handles the plane cause a birdstrike killed both engines. But even after, the airline tried to blame Sully after an accident.


Neerja is an awarded movie of India cause it is based on the biopic of Neerja Bhanot. The flight was under attack by terrorists in 1986 so she sacrificed her life to save all the passengers. At that crucial time, she successfully delays the process of terrorist’s needs, so that government can take action fast. 

Take A Quick Look

In airplane movies, you show adventure, thrill, fear, drama, hijacking, crashing, and whatnot. We all know that airplane is not just a mode of transport, it is a case of entertainment. There are many movies on airplanes that entertain you from past years. Movies can be fictional such as Snakes on a plane, Catch me if you can, or based on a real-life story such as Neerja, Flight, and Sully.

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