6 Exciting Benefits You Will Enjoy on a Yacht Charter

You deserve to go on a yacht charter holiday today! The pandemic may still be upon us but now is the perfect time to slowly return to your passions and joy. With most people already vaccinated and pandemic health protocols slowly easing up on almost all nations, now is the best time to sail! It would give you a chance to feel renewed, revitalized, and energized in the most leisurely, fulfilling, and safe way. If you have a few days free and you don’t know how to spend them, allow us to convince you to spend them on a yacht charter holiday. This post will convince you of its many wonderful benefits to show you just how much fun yacht chartering is!

Yacht Charter

What is a yacht charter?

A yacht charter is simply the activity of renting a sailboat or motor yacht to spend holidays on different islands and coastal destinations. It used to have the reputation of being exclusive to the rich and famous but as more yacht charter companies are now available for all, even average individuals like us can now easily enjoy its luxurious and grand perks. When chartering, you can choose to sail the vessel on your own – if you know how to, that is – or you could choose to relax away and have an entire crew do everything for you.

6 Fantastic Benefits That Everyone on a Yacht Charter Enjoys

1. Numerous Location Choices

A yacht charter will allow you to go anywhere you want to go. That simple, direct, and unbeatable. As any part of the world is reachable by water, your yacht charter can bring you to any kind of holiday destination that you prefer without the need for planes, complicated documents, and cosmopolitan requirements. As you’d have the yacht all to your own, you can steer it wherever you want to go. If you’re up for a tropical holiday getaway, you could simply check out super yacht charters in Phuket that will allow you to go on a non-stop island-hop around Southeast Asia. If you want a winter escapade, yacht charters in the Arctic and Antarctica will have you feeling thrilled 24/7. With a yacht charter holiday, you will have no limits when it comes to your choice of holiday destination.

2. Numerous Exciting Activities

People love sailing because it allows access to numerous water sports and activities that most people often don’t have the luxury to enjoy. The ocean is owned by all but it’s very rare that one can explore and swim leisurely on it. This is something that a yacht charter holiday will easily provide. You could explore the oceans of the world while doing fun activities such as diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing.

Yacht Charter Activity

3. 100% Privacy

A yacht charter will be divinely fantastic for you if you’re the kind of person who prefers privacy. This is why most celebrities and famous personalities extremely enjoy sailing holidays. On it, you’re free to be completely yourself and only surrounded by people that you want to spend time with. You will not have to deal with crowds, jaded tourists, and random strangers. You will have that yacht all to your own so you’d be very free to do whatever it is that you enjoy. This kind of privacy is also perfect given that the pandemic is still upon us. As you’d only be interacting with the crew and your invited guests, you won’t have to deal with having to wear masks and observing strict health protocols. All can duly be tested prior to sailing to ensure that your holiday is free from any kind of pesky or life-threatening virus.

4. A Fully Customized Holiday

The rich and famous prefer sailing holidays because such allow them to be treated in a kingly and queenly manner 24/7. This is because a yacht charter holiday is fully personalized and customized to all your needs. On it, you’d get to decide on the kind of food you want, the activities that you want to participate in, and locations that you want to visit. You can even request a massage therapist, a personal trainer, and even a dedicated chef to sail with you and your guests.

5. Supreme Health Safety

Yacht chartering will not have you worried and scared about any kind of virus or illness. On it, you can totally forget about COVID-19. It is simply one of the best holiday activity options that can truly make you feel that you’re experiencing everything just like how it was before the pandemic. On it, you can go maskless and forego any form of social distancing. You can gather with guests anytime without having to worry if any of you have been exposed to any kind of virus or illness. This is possible because you can easily have everyone tested prior to boarding. As it will be entirely private and exclusive, you, your guests, and your crew won’t also have to worry about being exposed to strangers who may be carriers.

6. Exclusive Insider Tips

A yacht charter holiday would also give you exclusive access to insider and expert tips. As you would have a crew entirely dedicated to all your needs, they can clue you in as to fun local activities that natives in your holiday destination truly enjoy. You’d also get premium information from experienced captains and sailing crew as to thrilling destinations that not all tourists get to explore and discover.

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