American Airlines Pet Policy 2021: Rules To Fly with Your Dog or Cat Safely

American airlines are the top-notch airlines that always offered one of the best and useful policies like pet policy for the Passengers. So that passengers always want to book American airlines flight tickets at a reasonable price to visit their dreamy locations and also enjoy every moment of life. And make their life full of happiness.  Not only this, but passengers can also enjoy the various types of beneficial policies, such as refund policy, baggage policy, cancellation policy, check-in policy, and many more. In the present time, passengers love their pets and always want to fly with their pets. Therefore, American airlines always allowed to carry cats, dogs, and birds to be transported as cargo on a first-come basis. And American airlines offered a separate and comfortable cabin for every pet and no pets are allowed in cargo.  So that you will never face any kind of risk or problem regarding your specific pets during the trip. Passengers always carry small pets with American Airlines.

Important Travel Terms and Conditions with your Pets with American Airlines:

Here are some of the important terms and conditions that can be always followed whenever you travel with your pets with American Airlines:

  • Your pet should be at least 8 weeks old.
  • You have the right to carry 2 pets per passenger.
  • The combined weight of your pet should be under 100 lbs (45 kg).
  • The pet travels during the flight in the carrier.
  • Never gets permission to take out your pet from its carrier.
  • The pet carrier is included as carrying on baggage items. 
  • If the weather is not well for your pet. In this condition, you have two options: either leave your flight or leave your small pet in your home.
  • Never place your pets in an overhead bin as your pet has to breathe.
  • The charge of traveling with your pet with american airlines will be $125 each way.  

Above are the necessary factors that you should always remember. American airlines always offered their ticketed passengers specific policies and guidelines to help protect your pet’s health and safety and the comfort of the flight’s passengers. Some of the pets are not allowed in American airlines flight tickets like animal species, including rabbits, ferrets, exotic reptiles, and many more. American Airlines always offer top-class services and amenities to its passengers at cheap rates within your budget and never need to pay any kind of extra charges for additional services. 

Carry-On Pets

On American airlines flights, you can carry on pets. So that always can bring 1 kennel as your carry-on bag and pay the carry-on pet charge. Therefore the pet stays in the kennel and under the seat in front of the entire flight. And also can travel with your pet carrier with an American Airlines flight and one personal item, but will not be permitted to bring a carry-on bag in addition to a pet carrier and personal item. 

Limitations Of Kennels:

American Airlines always accept 7 kennels on the flight, excluding service animals and 5 kennels on American eagle flights.

Some Of The Important Key Factors:

  • Pets should not be seated in the exit row.
  • Pets should not be in the block aisle.
  • Pets cannot occupy a seat.

In case your pet size exceeds or is larger then you should have to rebook your flight ticket with more open seats. 

Checked Pets

Whenever checking pets with American airlines then passengers will need to these points:

  • Always check-in with your pet at the ticket counter.
  • You can contact reservations at least 48 hours to travel.
  • Always complete a checklist with an agent.
  • Always offered the health certificate of each pet.
  • Never check pets more than 4 hours before the flight. 

Advantages Of American Airlines Pet Policy

  • Passengers can always be with their pets.
  • Passengers never need to pay extra charges to carry small pets.
  • Always enjoy a safe journey in american airlines with your pets.


Thus, if you are traveling with American Airlines flight tickets with your small and lovely pets then you should always follow the above rules and regulations of American airlines’ pet policy. Passengers never face any kind of query while booking flight tickets with American airlines and also have to grab the beneficial promo codes, vouchers, coupons, and many more and get the hottest deals and offers with the flight ticket. So that you always explore your journey with American airlines and do the best things with your colleagues. During the travel with American Airlines, passengers get in-flight entertainment services such as play updated movies, music, songs, games, etc. Having any kind of problem related to American airlines’ pet policy then you can comment here.

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