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We all encountered when going to the airport at the boarding gate and you see some people getting the entries before others who are waiting even before that person. Well, I know being in this situation can be frustrating but now you may be wondering why such a thing happens in the first place and how can you get avail this facility. Here, the concept of Boarding Groups, Boarding Groups is a service/facility provided by all major airlines as well as small airlines too. The work of Boarding Groups is to split the passengers into different groups according to their Boarding Pass or Boarding Membership. After getting this, passengers can be prioritized according to the Boarding Pass at the Boarding Gate. Different airlines have different types of Boarding Groups provided for their passengers. In this article, we are going to know American Airlines Boarding Groups and you can avail this and how it works?

American Airlines and Its Boarding Groups

Why American Airlines?

Being the world’s largest airline according to flying passengers. American Airlines has a very long history in Airlines Industry. No one could think that will have become today’s Worlds Largest Airline when it started in 1930 with the union of eight minors airlines. And, now it offering their service in more than 52 countries with 95 domestic and 95 international destinations respectively.

This legacy is continuing with giving new services and features from time to time for their passengers at very reasonable prices and offering its flight ticket at very affordable prices. One of the services among many is Boarding Groups.

Type of American Airlines boarding groups

American Airlines has 9 different Boarding Groups for their passengers as follows-

Group 1

Group 1 boarding passengers includes first-class or two cabins international Business class passengers. Other passengers include Active duty U.S. military with military I.D.

The aircraft comes under Group 1 for its highest priority passengers has the highest-ranking class on the aircraft that is business class. 

Group 2

In Group 2, the passengers come under are those who have Platinum Pro or OneWorld Emerald elite status (don’t be intimated with these heavy terms). Other business class passengers also board in these 3 cabin aircraft that have first class.

Group 3

Group 3 boarding passengers are those who have Platinum and OneWorld Sapphire.

Group 4

Group 4 boarding passengers are those who are having American Airlines Gold (in OneWorld Sapphire) and Oneworld Ruby (i.e Silver) or the part of the American Airlines frequent flyer program. Passengers who have AirPass and also Premium Economy passengers also come under this group.

If you own Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, then you can also board in Group 4 (We will know about this card and other cards later in the article).

Group 5

In Group 5, the passenger has the preference to choose the boarding according to their preferences. Passengers come under in group 5 are those who are an eligible corporate traveler can fly in Main Cabin Extra.

Also, eligible American Airlines AAdvantage credit cards (Aviator Card or Citi Platinum Select) holders can board in Group 5.

Group 6

From Group 6, the boarding can get to be crowded, and also passengers won’t have the preference of choosing the boarding and seat as well. Group 6 passengers can board in Coach Groups and Basic Economy. 

In Group 6. You might get decent overhead storage space (of course, depending on the number of travelers). The more travelers, it can get slight difficulty to get sufficient overhead storage space.

Group 7

Similar to Group 6, Group 7 boarding passengers don’t get much of a choice when it comes to selecting seats and other services as well. Also, Group 7 can be as much crowded as Group 6 sometimes even more with less overhead storage space (No Doubt!).

Group 8

Group 8 boarding passengers are normal Basic Economy class to Europe and South America and vice versa.

Like in Group 6 and Group 7, the passengers of Group 8 can find it, even more, harder when it comes to finding overhead storage space and in some cases, you might get gate your bags.

Group 9

The last Boarding Group, American Airline provides doesn’t have any special service. The boarding passengers of Group 9 are the Basic Economy class passengers within the U.S.A, or Caribbean islands, or Mexico). Don’t expect any overhead storage space. And you will be the last one boarding the aircraft.

The Very Special Group

Although officially American Airlines provides 9 Boarding Groups there is also a very special group for ConciergeKey elite AAdvantage members. These group members can avail every service of Group 1 and also they can request pre-boarding. They are the very ones who enter the plane.

Also, they get security assistance and traveling assistance if you are traveling with 2 children.

Services/Facilities and Other Things Associated with Different Boarding Group

Preferred Boarding and Priority Boarding

From Group 1 to Group 4, the boarding passengers can avail themselves of the facility of Priority Boarding and they can are the ones who enter the plane first.

Group 5’s boarding passengers can’t avail the facility of Priority Boarding but instead, they get another facility of Preferred Boarding only applicable on Group 5 boarding passengers. For this reason, it is also named Preferred Boarding.

From Group 6 to Group 9, they cannot get any of these fancy facilities.


Only members of ConciergeKey elite AAdavnatge can avail of the facility of Pre-Boarding. But, here is a catch, it must be requested.

The Credit Cards and oneworld Membership

Citibank provides a wide range of credit cards for frequent flying passengers and they can avail these credit cards for upgrading their Boarding Group, for bonus miles, and other many features.

There are some AAdvantage credit cards from Citibank –

  • Citi / AAdvantage Executive Card
  • Citi / AAdvantage Gold Card
  • Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select Card
  • CitiBusiness / AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard
  • AAdvantage MileUp Card

For more information on these cards, visit here AAdvantage Credit Cards.

Aviator MasterCard is another player when it comes to the AAdvantage Credit Card range.

Some AAdvantage credit cards from Aviator MasterCard are-

  • Aviator Silver MasterCard
  • Aviator Red MasterCard
  • Aviator Blue MasterCard
  • Aviator MasterCard
  • Aviator Business MasterCard

OneWorld Alliance is an alliance service that partners with American Airlines and serving in 14 global airports with 1000 destinations. With Oneworld membership, you can also avail yourself of the services of AAdavnatge.

The Boarding Process

After knowing all the Pre-Boarding, the AAdvantage credit cards, Boarding Groups, Preferred Boarding, Priority Boarding, and the Oneworld membership.

Now is the perfect time to know the whole process of boarding.

Most aviation starts boarding their passengers 30 – 50 minutes earlier to the listed departure. But not just like this, sometimes the exact time of boarding may depend on your plane and destination.

The boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the departure of the flight and by that time if you do not board then, American Airlines can give your seat to someone else and note: you will not be allowed once the boarding doors close.

So, it is always recommended to all the passengers. Please come at least 3 hours early before departure and come fully prepared for all the airport and security formalities.

Customers who need special assistance and who are traveling with children under the age of 24 months can ask for early entry into the plane.

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