American Airlines AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Program: The Complete Guide

American Airlines AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Program

Traveling with American airlines is very worthwhile and beneficial. American Airlines is one of the largest air carriers all over the world. They operate in more than 50 countries and it is available in 5 continents of the world. They operate 6800 flights per day at 350 destinations. Almost millions of passengers prefer American airlines in a single year. Those who travel a lot, can take advantage of American Airlines’ frequent flyer program and also save a heavy amount. 

American Airlines frequent flyer is one of the best services which are provided by American airlines if you booked your ticket from American Airlines, Oneworld, or 1000 partners then After reaching your destination you can earn miles which will reliable in the future like American airlines redeem miles helps you to upgrade your seats, you can stay at the hotel by, rent a car with the help of American airlines redeem miles. These miles will also help you to get attractive vacation packages, Flight awards, shopping portals, various promotions, and many more. aa frequent flyer is also known as aa advantages

For aa advantages, you need to join the American Airlines mileage program, then you can easily get the American Airlines rewards. here you will get the exact information about the 

American Airlines frequent flyers like how you can join the American Airlines membership, what are the American airline’s AAdvantage benefits, and many more.

How to join the American Airlines frequent flyer 

Did you know what are the benefits of the American Airlines AAdvantage program and how many American airlines AAdvantage miles do you need for a flight? With the American airline’s frequent flyer program, passengers can always earn a range of American airlines AAdvantage benefits and also grab the ability to earn free miles. American airlines mileage program is a kind of program which you have to join to be a member of it. After joining the aa frequent flyer program, passengers can always earn the miles. Also, After the American Airlines frequent flyer signs up, you can earn and redeem these miles on flight booking and also on other purchases with American airlines which include, shopping, meals, and dining, seat up-gradation, etc. But you have to make sure that you have joined the American airline’ rewards program. Find the detailed steps of joining the American Airlines frequent flyer program. 

Steps to join American airlines aadvantage program

  • Visit the website of American airlines.
  • Click on the aadvantage option.
  • After that you need to fill some information about yourself like your first, middle, and last name, address, email id, phone number account number. 
  • After filling this information you need to agree with the AAdvantage terms and conditions then you will get the American Airlines frequent flyer sign-up details. They have different types of elite plans such as AAdvantage (basic), Gold, Platinum, 
  • Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum these plans have different benefits. 
  • After the sign up you will get the 50,000 extra miles for joining, being a card part qualifies you for “Gathering 1 Boarding” on homegrown flights. You’ll additionally get a free checked pack when you travel locally.

Join the American airline’ loyalty program by following the above-given steps. If you need any help at any step then you can visit the help page of American airlines.

How to earn miles from American Airlines AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Program

You can earn miles with different methods like when you book a ticket and fly with American airlines then you can earn miles. It’s totally dependent on the money which you spend on American airline tickets, it also depends on the destinations which you have selected. After reaching that destination you will get the miles. American Airlines provides you the several methods to earn the mile like you can earn miles after purchasing from American Airlines and its partners 

You can also earn points by cruising booking, you can get 3 miles for every $1 (up to 30,000 AAdvantage miles) for booking a journey through AA Cruises.

American airlines give miles after purchasing from the AAdvantage eShopping mall. American airlines have more than 950 retailers when you purchase any item by spending your dollar then you will get miles means you can earn miles while shopping also.

You can take advantage of those rental agencies who provide rental cars and vehicles with AAdvantage miles American airlines shake hands with many rental agencies and increase their miles business. means you can rent a vehicle with additional benefits.

American airlines have partnerships with many hotels. If you spent dollars on those hotels you will get miles as per dollar you spent at hotels. Suppose you booked and visited the hotels at that time you just Give your AAdvantage number at registration to win miles.

You can win Marriott points and move those to American Airlines at an exchange rate of 3:1. Additionally, for each 60,000 Marriott points that you move to American airlines, you’ll get an extra 5,000 AAdvantage miles reward.

When you link a credit card in AAdvantage dining then you can earn by using the card at a restaurant club and bars whenever you use the card you will earn some miles so you can pay for food and earn miles.

Apart from this American airlines provide you more methods to earn miles such as when you sign up for the first time with a credit card, miles are also dependent on which cabin has been booked by American airlines. The least expensive economy tickets may just gain 25% to half of the flown miles, while the premium economy, business-class, and five-star tickets can procure 100% base miles and a lodge reward somewhere in the range of 10% and half. Sometimes routes are not eligible for the rewards you can check it from the American Airlines website and can call the support team, if you have AAdvantage elite status, you will gain extra miles for your trip. You can also buy miles from American airlines.

Buying miles from American Airlines 

Many passengers want to get miles from American Airlines so they provide the purchasing miles option where you can buy miles and use them every mile costs you 2.95 cents. This feature helps to save the miles which can expire in a few days or you can upgrade your AA account for award redemption. Buying miles is quite expensive but it also has its own benefits.

How to redeem miles with American airlines

When you earn American Airlines miles you will get a little bit confused about how you can redeem your miles just visit the website of American airlines and redeem them. You can redeem those miles for different purposes like cabin and seat upgrades, award flights, and an Admirals Club membership. If you want to grab these awards from American airlines partners and you need to contact the customer support team.

When you book a business or first-class ticket it will be very beneficial to you because the cash cost of the economy class is higher than when you use miles for the book in the case of first-class and business class the cost will be less by using miles. But in some hotels using miles is not as beneficial. you will have the option to utilize the miles/focus you gather as an AAdvantage part for lodge updates so you can fly all the more serenely. The individuals who travel with the bordering 48 states, Alaska, and Canada, will require 15,000 focuses to overhaul from a rebate economy, 5,000 from a full-toll economy, 15,000 + $175 from markdown business, and 15,000 from full admission business.

Types of American Airlines Redeem miles

American airlines provide different methods to redeem miles because different passengers have different situations. There are two types of awards that are provided by American airlines and from its partners. Before we started you to keep two things in your mind :

  • When you redeem miles or award you need to pay some taxes and fees which depend on the type of points you redeem.
  • If you redeem miles from you should have the alternative to focuses from other regular customer projects to book a comparative agenda. When utilizing AAdvantage miles bodes as well. Now let’s talk about the different types of awards provides by the American Airlines reward program

Types of awards provided by American airlines

AAnytime & MileSAAver awards

While booking flights from American airlines and from its partner you can book an AAnytime seat on American Airlines aircraft. The charges of AAnytime seats are pretty expensive because in this seat you need to pay the taxes and carrier-imposed fees. Milesaaver is available in all classes you will pay for business or five-star grant seats which are often more costly than economy seats. but it is very worth booking these seats

Web Special awards

Web special awards are offered on selected flights and dates for fewer miles than either the AAnytime or MileSAAver grant level. Mileage levels can be manipulated by date and flight. At the point when accessible, you will see the pertinent honor level while booking your trip. Tickets that include Web Special honor don’t permit changes, and while you can drop and restore your miles and then charges may apply. Restoration expenses are postponed for Executive Platinum individuals. The miles cost differs by district and date, and the honor tickets have a few limitations. American Airlines doesn’t distribute its Web Specials on a particular point of arrival, yet a fast inquiry will disclose to you whether the course you need falls under the limited rate.

American Airlines aadvantage card

American airlines provide a Citi and Barclays credit card which helps you to earn miles. After the American Airlines AAdvantage credit card login, you will get a bonus to start after the purchasing of $2500 within 3 months from your account. They charge $99 for a year but you will get a free bag cheeked and can also get the space for your bag, In this plan, you will get a Preferred boarding group option which includes Main Cabin Extra passengers (excluding basic economy tickets), this is the one the group of American airlines which is only Eligible AAdvantage credit card members, and Eligible corporate travelers also.

You can also get a priority check-in option. You can grab discounts when you make a booking from a mobile phone and it’s also dependent on your card and destinations. You will win in any case1 mile for each dollar on each buy you make. The top-notch cards gain 2 miles for each dollar on American Airlines purchases, and a few cards additionally win 2 miles for every dollar in extra classifications like gas, goods, and eateries.

American Airlines aadvantage miles benefits

American Airlines Aadvantage mileage program has many benefits like you can make your American airlines reservations from miles, these miles will also help you to save your heavy amount while booking a flight from American Airlines or its partner. These miles will not only help to book your tickets because you can also get many benefits like a package of a trip, rent a car, save money at hotels, and many more. you can use this program to travel to around 1,000 destinations in 150 nations on account of its Oneworld accomplices. By using miles you can select premium cabin seats and can enjoy the extreme facilities and amenities. Likewise, you can utilize your miles to buy paper memberships or give them to significant causes and charitable associations. But with the American Airlines AAdvantage program, you will get lots of benefits which are given below:

  • Always capable of earning and redeeming points.
  • Free checked bags
  • Free cabin upgrades
  • Lounge access

With the ability to earn and use points, the American Airlines AAdvantage member always allows earning 5 award miles for every dollar on American airlines. Passengers can also use their earned miles for holiday trips, car rentals, booking five stars and luxurious hotels, and many more. Also, you can use their American airline’s miles on other retail products. 

American Airlines Miles Expiration

Now the American introduces the miles expiration policy where if you don’t use the miles for certain times then your miles will expire and you are not able to reclaim that. If you really want your miles back then you need to purchase the membership for that. If you are not active in 10 months from the date you earn and redeem your miles. Your account will inform you about the date of redemption and expiration. So it is very important if you don’t want to lose your miles. 

American Airlines AAdvantage partners

American airlines give miles and awards by any purchasing from its partners to have a different platform where you can earn miles after purchasing from any of the following partners.

  • Cathay Pacific
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Qatar Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Qantas
  • Iberia
  • S7 Airlines
  • Royal Jordanian Airlines
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • SriLankan Airlines

American airlines have some airlines partners also:

  • Air Tahiti Nui
  • Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air
  • Cape Air
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Fiji Airways
  • GOL Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Interjet
  • The seaborne Virgin Islands

Even though you can reclaim miles for the majority of these partners on, you should call the carrier to book a few honors. Grants not bookable online include:

  • Etihad Airways
  • China Southern Airlines
  • GOL Airlines

American Airlines elite status

American airlines have a status program that helps to increase your miles when you sign up you will be able to earn miles for free but American airlines have a different membership plan, a basic member comes with the frequent flyer number and the American airlines account where from where you collected your miles. Now American airlines upgrade in their elite status program in 2020, making it better and easy to manage. Elite status benefits are pointed toward making travel more reliable and more reasonable, however, these advantages must be acknowledged whether you fly frequently enough to arrive at level status inside a scheduled year. There are 4 types of elite status membership in the American Airlines frequent flyer program Before we do that, we should take a gander at the four primary membership types of elite status you might have the option to accomplish with the AAdvantage program in 2020, just as the features and capabilities you will have to arrive at each level.

How to Earn Elite Status 

There are three terms in the elite status program after understanding these terms you will be able to earn elite membership 

  • Elite qualifying dollars: EQDs are dependent on the amount you pay your own tickets with American and its Oneworld accomplices. Your income will change dependent on which class of administration you book, and accomplice limitations.
  • Elite qualifying miles: EQMs are when you fly genuine miles for each year onboard American and its Oneworld partners. They are determined by taking the mileage of the flight and duplicating it by the admission class.
  • Elite qualifying segments: EQSs are dependent on the number of departure to-landing flight portions you take. A direct departure from L.A. to New York would acquire one EQS yet in the event that you had a delay in Chicago, it would be two EQSs. To gain elite status, you need a base number of EQDs in addition to a specific number of EQMs or EQSs

Memberships of the Elite status

  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • Platinum Sapphire 
  • Gold Ruby 

AAdvantage Executive Platinum

For executive platinum, you need to qualify these requirements such as when you fly 60 EQSs (Elite Qualifying Segments) or 60,000 EQMs(Elite Qualifying Miles), and you have to spend $9,000 EQDs (Elite Qualifying Dollars).only then you are eligible for the executive platinum but it also has its own awards like you will be rewarded 11 award miles/$1 means you will win 11 miles for as per dollar 

if fly frequently with American airlines to clear the Executive Platinum status, then you will get these benefits 4 one-way systemwide upgrades, Complimentary, auto-requested upgrades, 100-hour upgrade window, 120% elite mileage bonus, Complimentary, Main Cabin Extra, and Preferred Seats,3 free checked bags, Additional rewards starting at 150,000 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs). Platinum membership is still low on the need list. Platinum members get similar air terminal advantages as Gold members, yet 60% more extra miles than 40%.

AAdvantage Platinum

Those who travel every year this membership is very beneficial for those travelers who travel 30 segments with American airlines To qualify for this membership you to clear these requirements that you have to Fly 30 EQSs (Elite Qualifying Segments) or 30,000 EQMs (Elite Qualifying Miles) with American airlines, and you need to spend $4,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) those who are suitable to spend their $4,000 on the fare for travel by airplane 

In platinum membership, these are the benefits you will get, A Complimentary auto-requested upgrades on flights 500 miles or less, a 48-hour upgrade window, 60% elite mileage bonus, Complimentary Main Cabin Extra, and Preferred Seats, 2 free checked bags, Oneworld Sapphire status for admittance to accomplice business class lounges (not American Admirals Club).

AAdvantage Platinum Pro

Platinum Pro members are beneficial for those travelers who travel a lot or in a bulk but for this membership, you need to qualify these requirements, you have to fly 45 EQSs ( Elite Qualifying Segments) or 45,000 EQMs (Elite Qualifying Miles ) with American airlines, and you have to spend $6,000 EQDs (Elite Qualifying Dollars). 

In this membership, you will get the same benefits as platinum membership but in addition, you can collect a few bonuses also like you will get Complimentary auto-requested upgrades, a 72-hour upgrade window, an 80% elite mileage bonus, Complimentary Main Cabin Extra, and Preferred Seats, 2 free checked bags, Oneworld Sapphire status for admittance to accomplice business class lounges (not American Admirals Club).

AAdvantage Gold

American airlines introduce a membership for those travelers who travel rarely. This membership is very beneficial for those passengers who travel less than 15 times a year. For gold members you need to qualify these requirements, you need to travel 15 EQSs (Elite Qualifying Segments) or 15,000 EQMs (Elite Qualifying Miles) with American Airlines, and also you need to spend $1,500 EQDs (Elite Qualifying Dollars )as per the cost of a flight.

In gold membership you can grab these benefits, A Complimentary auto-requested upgrades, on flights 500 miles or less, a 24-hour upgrade window, a 40% elite mileage bonus, Complimentary Main Cabin Extra Seats at check-in + Complimentary Preferred Seats, 1 free checked bag. you may be in an ideal situation deal chasing for the most airfares offered by every convenient airline and paying for the outing with a prizes credit card. win one mile for every dollar you spent through at Hyatt with the AAdvantage


We have covered the complete guidance about the American Airlines frequent flyer program. Like how you can earn miles, what the different ways, what are the American Airlines credit card features and benefits, American airline partners. And in the end, we found that if you travel with American airlines it will be worth it because this program provides you many additional benefits that completely make your trip awesome with the best amenities and services at a reasonable price. You can grab a heavy discount and get a better seat by using this program.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is my American Airlines AAdvantage number?

Sometimes passengers traveling with American airlines regularly forget their American Airlines AAdvantage number and want to find it. To find the AAdvantage number of American Airlines, you have to follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit the official site of American airlines.
  • After that click on the forgot AAdvantage number.
  • On the next, you need to follow all the given instructions.
  • Once the process will be completed, you will get the AAdvantage number on your appear screen.

How many AAdvantage miles do I need for a flight?

American Airlines passengers always need at least 7500 miles for free flights. American Airlines passengers can redeem 7500 advantages miles free for one-way domestic miles saved award flight of up to 500 miles.

How do I link my AAdvantage card to American Airlines?

Sometimes passengers want to link or merge their American airline’s AAdvantage card with American airlines. So Find here the steps to merge the AAdvantage account online which are given below:

  • First of all, go to the official website of american airlines/
  • Then do the american airlines aadvantage login in the account
  • After that choose the merge account option.
  • Fill up the information for the account that you want to merge into the AAdvantage account.  
  • After that, Wait for 1 day.
  • At the end, the merge process will be finished.


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