Fly With Your Pet Using Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy

Allegiant Airlines Pet Policy

Allegiant airlines are the best and popular airlines in the world. And the headquarters of the Allegiant airlines is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Allegiant airlines always offered beneficial and useful policies for their passengers. Therefore, the pet policy is also one of them. Allegiant airlines provides the pet policy for their passengers. So If you have a pet and whenever you want to be ready to visit your dreamy destinations with your family member then Allegiant airlines are the best and amazing option for you. Passengers can book their flight ticket with Allegiant airlines easily and conveniently and never face any type of trouble during the flight booking. And after Allegiant airlines booking, passengers can always grab the beneficial and useful promo codes, coupons, vouchers, and many more things. The best thing about the Allegiant airlines, passengers can book their flight tickets 24/7 from any location at a very reasonable rate within their budget. With allegiant airlines reservations, you can enjoy each and every moment of your life. With the allegiant airlines pet policy, passengers can carry only and only small and lovely pets in the flights. Generally, dogs, cats, and miniature horses are allowed in the present time with the Allegiant airlines flights. And Allegiant airlines passengers’ pets are transported as in the passenger cabin.

Pets that are well-qualified can travel in the passenger cabin are given below:

  • Allegiant airlines always allow only domestic cats and dogs in the flight.
  • Allegiant airlines kennel is particularly made for the animal carriage, soft-sided, leak-proof.
  • Allegiant airlines passengers never carry the excess size of a pet in the flight and the actual size of the pet is  9in x 16in x 19in (height x width x depth).  
  • One of the most important things about the Allegiant airlines is that the kennel should be an FAA-approved carrier that should be always able to fit underneath the seat.
  • Allegiant airlines passengers never carry more than 2 pets in the flights.
  • Allegiant airlines pets should be always able to travel on the flights and also turn inside the carrier.
  • Allegiant airlines passengers’ pets can always be comfortable in their kennel under the seat for the whole flight. 
  • All of the allegiant airlines passengers’ pets should be inspected as the ticket counter prior to check-in.
  • Allegiant airlines passengers always charge the 100.00$ for each and every pet. It is the associated fees for pet transportation.A
  • Allegiant airlines passengers can carry 8-week old pets in the flight.
  • Allegiant airlines pets carriers never included in the carry-on baggage limitations.
  • With allegiant airlines flights, pets’ health certificates are never essential.

Benefits of the allegiant airlines pet policy:

  • Allegiant airlines passengers can always be with their pets.
  • Allegiant airlines passengers never need to pay any kind of extra charges to carry small and cute pets. 
  • Allegiant airlines passengers can always enjoy a safe and risk-free journey with their pets.

Allegiant airlines are one of the pet-friendly airlines that always offer a safe and hassle-free travel experience for its passengers. Passengers can make a reservation for their pets online whenever passengers book their tickets. And the check-in time for the Allegiant airlines is between the 45 minutes and 4 hours of the departure of the flight timing. Allegiant airlines passengers can reach the airport and check-in with the ticket agent at least 45 minutes prior to the flight time.  Not only this but, allegiant airlines passengers also get more additional policies such as baggage policy, check-in policy, refund policy, cancellation policy, and many more. With Allegiant airlines booking, passengers can always enjoy the hottest deals and heavy discounts on the flights. During the travel, passengers always get comfortable and spacious leg-room in the flight. And Allegiant airlines passengers can always check their flight status online and never need to go anywhere to book flights, cancel flights etc.


Although, above are some of the important guidelines that should be always followed whenever you are thinking about traveling with your little and beautiful pets. Due to these terms and conditions, allegiant airlines passengers will never face any kind of issue while traveling with their pets. Allegiant airlines passengers always make their journey full of happiness and during the travel, Allegiant airlines passengers grab the easy-to-avail services and amenities such as play latest and upcoming videos, blockbusters movies, songs, games, TV serial episodes, and so on. Allegiant airlines also offered the medical amenities for its passengers and never needed to pay any kind of extra charges for the medical services. Still, if you have any confusion regarding the Allegiant airlines pet policy and want to know any kind of additional information then you can connect with our Allegiant airlines customer service number. Our executive always stands to help you. Due to these kinds of advantages and benefits, thousands of passengers want to book their flight tickets with Allegiant airlines and enjoy the in-flight services and flights. Know the best information about the allegiant airlines pet policy then you can comment below.

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