5 Action-packed activities to try when in Krakow

action packed activities to try when in Krakow

Male, female, LGBT or Transgender even a Stag, Hen or Sports Group here are 5 activities you must try that are exciting and fun to do. Stepping out of your comfort zone is considered a healthy exercise in gaining a more positive outlook, conquer your fears or feel the thrill of something you would not normally dream of doing, a perfect solution to take a break from the mundane routines of daily life or just enhance your weekend break with super fun activities to make your celebrations more memorable.

A large dose of adrenaline – White Water Rafting

The first action adrenaline filled activity to try as a great bonding and teamwork exercise is White Water Rafting, the rush of the fast water coupled with thrill of supporting your friends in manoeuvring the bends, swirls and powerful current makes for a fantastic action packed time and you discover talents that you thought you never possessed. This activity is comes in two styles, the man made multi-purpose circuit or in the natural surroundings on a river both create an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment when completed and a hearty beer or two with the group is a natural follow on from the experience of white water. For your safety the rafting establishments provide protective gear and equipment and fully qualified instructors are on board with you and as you are on water with plenty of splashing going on it maybe an idea to take an extra set of clothes just in case. Usually, this kind of event requires transfers, so, check to see if they are included in the price.

Acquiring shooting skills at the shooting range

Definitely this next activity is a full on and adrenaline pumping but exciting fun when you take on the AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting. If you have never used a firearm before it is even better entertainment as you get to shoot some of the world’s best known weapons that the  military and police forces use plus the weapons used by famous film characters like James Bond and Rambo. There are several different package deals with extra specialised guns used by elite forces like the SAS to try out if desired. Apart from the sheer power and emotion of firing Russia’s and the world’s most popular automatic weapon the AK 47 the pump action shotgun is up there with it and just as you have seen in the movies you too can emulate the firing style of the quick pump action giving you an overwhelming sensation of excitement. 

Party in great style – The Party Bus

The Party Bus is another activity to include to kickstart any kind of party. The Party Bus can hold 30+ partygoers with a light show, music, bars and dance poles all on board a luxury dance club on wheels touring the city destination of your choice. There are extra activities too, why not add in a strip show on board to hike the atmosphere. A perfect evening would be an organised Pub Crawl with pick up by the Party Bus for a mobile party privee before being dropped of at an exclusive dance club with reserved tables and drinks all prepared for your group. That is the best party night ever and everyone participating will hail the organiser a legend. Many travelling groups, especially Stag and Hen Parties often book the Party Bus with a strip show included to be met at the airport, this sets the tone for the weekend celebrations right away because as soon as you land at your destination the party begins even before you have checked in to your accommodation. 

Get to know the taste of the best craft beers

During the Guided Pub Crawl there are themed pubs that provide unusual entertainment and activities and if available you have to book the ever special sport of Axe Throwing. This hugely popular activity brings out your Braveheart and Viking tendencies by hurling different shaped axes of all sizes at a wooden target with a red bulls-eye in the centre. Again, you may never have thought of doing this but once you do the satisfaction of hearing the axe thud in to the wood appeals to your instincts as a kind of skilled hunter in the wild type of feeling. It is truly a surreal experience and a great laugh too. 

Staying with the hunting theme we have the exciting game of Tag Archery this is another fascinating activity of skill and cunningness to eliminate the opposing team using bows and foam tipped arrows. Usually played outdoors with inflatable defence balloons for each team to hide behind when not attacking. The hard part is when someone has to collect the arrows in open ground in order for your team to continue attacking. So, good strategy is required when your team members are vulnerable and exposed to the opposing team when retrieving fallen arrows. It’s a fight to the death but also your leadership and battle skills are highlighted. This activity could be for you if you are a Game of Thrones fan.

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